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No trade postings. You can buy and sell cryptocurrency directly to us using your Nigerian bank account and card on our brand new app, BuyCoins.

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About Us

Bitkoin Africa is Person-to-Person (P2P) cryptocurrency trading platform where users can sell and buy cryptocurrency from other users. We’re based in Lagos, Nigeria and cater to Nigerians in Nigeria who are interested in trading cryptocurrency.

What makes us special?

At Bitkoin Africa, our goal to provide a platform that serves our users’ needs - whether it is buying, selling, storing or transferring Bitcoin - as conveniently and quickly as possible. Users are assured of instant settlements on all trades, without the need to communicate with corresponding buyers or sellers. This makes us the only Bitcoin exchange platform to bring instant payments and settlements on all Bitcoin trades to Africa.

We’re passionate about safe, secure, easy, convenient and instant transactions. To ensure this, we provide secure Bitcoin Wallets, offer escrow services during trades, employ seamless payment methods, and host user information on secure servers.

Trading on Bitkoin Africa

Buying and selling cryptocurrency on Bitkoin Africa is fast, easy and secure. Users buy or sell cryptocurrency by creating or responding to Trade Postings. Trade Postings are advertisements created by users to let other users know they are willing to buy or sell cryptocurrency.

When a user creates a Trade Posting, they stipulate how much they are willing to buy/sell, include the rate at which they are willing to buy/sell, and deposit the maximum amount in escrow. This Trade Posting then appears on the Bitkoin Africa trading page for other users to interact with.

Users who respond to Trade Postings select traders from the Bitkoin Africa trading page. During a trade, buyers’ cryptocurrency wallets get credited immediately after a transaction is completed. The same goes for sellers’ bank accounts.

Because Bitkoin Africa provides escrow services, users don’t need to interact with each other during transactions. We act as the middleman in all transactions, thereby protecting the parties involved in a trade from fraud.

All cryptocurrency traded on the Bitkoin Africa site are hosted in the in-house cryptocurrency wallet. Each Bitkoin Africa account comes with a cryptocurrency wallet that enables users store, receive and send cryptocurrency. Bitkoin Africa transactions are carried out online and are facilitated by users’ Nigerian bank accounts or Naira debit cards.

Contact us

You can reach the Bitkoin Africa team via email, Twitter, Facebook, and live chat. You can also call us on +234 909 150 0528.

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